Elipson reinvents its Prestige speakers

The Elipson Prestige speakers have gained a solid reputation since their first release in 1975. In 2016, the range’s sound signature was entirely revamped to adhere to a single guiding principle: musicality! The outstanding effort our teams made while developing the Prestige Facet earned them unanimous praise from members of the specialized press. The magazine Diapason gave its highest score to the Prestige Facet 8B compact speaker. Classica also selected this model as the best in its category and deemed it worthy of the magazine’s highest award.

Prestige Facet 7SR

The PF7SR surround sound speaker is designed to reproduce surround effects as part of a home cinema installation. Equipped with drivers oriented toward different points in the room, this speaker is necessary to reproduce all the atmospheric surround sound effects of films, TV series and concerts.