A tree that reproduces the rustling sounds of the forest. Originally conceived for convivial spaces, this surprising sound object is composed of twelve spherical speaker-fruits suspended from the ceiling by creeper-cables, ripe for the picking.

BS 50 Tribute


A true tribute to the craftsmanship and history of Elipson, the BS50 Tribute speaker breathes new life into the model that earned the brand its reputation in the 50s, the BS50, which stands for "50 cm diameter ball staff."

Infinite 14


The Elipson Infinite 14 is a versatile, high-end speaker which will awake your senses like no other. With an ultra-flat enclosure, it offers an incredibly intense listening experience.  Position 1 : On-Wall  Position 2 : In-Wall

Music Center BT HD


The Music Center BT hi-fi stereo amplifier sets itself apart with its aptX Bluetooth receiver for wireless listening from any smartphone, tablet or computer. A very versatile amplifier ensuring connectivity with all your devices. ____________________________________________________________   

Infinite 8


The Infinite 8 is the clearest, most energetic and most powerful surround speaker in its range. A refined, discreet in-wall or in-ceiling speaker designed for dedicated screening rooms.   Position 1 : On-wall and On-ceiling   Position 2 : In-wall and In-ceiling

Alpha 100 RIAA BT Johnny Hallyday Limited Edition


JOHNNY HALLYDAY AND ELIPSON: THE STORY OF A FRENCH DUO Elipson is celebrating its 80th anniversary as a creator of  audio products by teaming up with Johnny Hallyday, the legend of French rock’n’roll, for the occasion. Johnny Hallyday was a one-of-a-kind artist who interpreted dozens of timeless classics over the span of his 60-year-long career.