Throughout the 60s, Elipson was a leading supplier of PA systems. The brand’s products were widely used in public places (train stations, airports...), as well as by the media (radios, television). Driven by this legacy, Elipson designed the Architect range to keep the tradition alive. To this end, the brand set two goals: • Create a visually discreet range of speakers (Architect In) The Elipson Architect In is a perfect solution to deliver sound in a room without calling attention to itself visually. Blending into their surroundings, these speakers offer a clear and precise listening experience and a wide soundstage. Easy to install, various sizes are available to adapt to all types of spaces. • Work with famous architects and designers to create a unique range of speakers (Architect Signature) On the other end of the spectrum, these speakers are designed to be visually striking. World renowned architects and interior designers have collaborated with Elipson to create this range of stunningly elegant, high-performance speakers. This prestigious and original series has been created to offer a sublime experience in public places.


The Elipson IC4 in-ceiling speaker is the most compact model in the Architect In range. Equipped with coaxial drivers, this 2-way speaker is designed to offer an optimal sonic environment.