The new Elipson Infinite home cinema range is composed of two types of in-wall/in-ceiling and free-standing speakers. Made for dedicated screening rooms, our designers and acousticians have applied their expertise to offer breathtaking sound and a relatively shallow enclosure, making these speakers easy to install. The system meets the professional standards required to offer a one-of-a-kind, energetic home cinema experience. The technologies inside the enclosure, the Rohacell® and carbon fibre composite membranes, along with the size of the magnets used, qualify these speakers as high-end products. The alluring satin black and brushed metal finish allows the speakers to be discreetly installated behind an acoustically transparent screen.
The Infinite 14 speakers are designed to reproduce the front and/or surround effects channels and ensure a perfectly coherent listening experience. The Infinite 8 is designed as a surround effects speaker for smaller screen rooms, where it may be installed in the ceiling to offer an immersive sound.
At last, truly energetic cinema sound in your dedicated screen room, thanks to Elipson's expertise!

Infinite 14

The Elipson Infinite 14 is a versatile, high-end speaker which will awake your senses like no other. With an ultra-flat enclosure, it offers an incredibly intense listening experience.  Position 1 : On-Wall  Position 2 : In-Wall

Infinite 8

The Infinite 8 is the clearest, most energetic and most powerful surround speaker in its range. A refined, discreet in-wall or in-ceiling speaker designed for dedicated screening rooms.   Position 1 : On-wall and On-ceiling   Position 2 : In-wall and In-ceiling