Surround Speakers

Infinite 14


The Elipson Infinite 14 is a versatile, high-end speaker which will awake your senses like no other. With an ultra-flat enclosure, it offers an incredibly intense listening experience.  Position 1 : On-Wall  Position 2 : In-Wall

Infinite 8


The Infinite 8 is the clearest, most energetic and most powerful surround speaker in its range. A refined, discreet in-wall or in-ceiling speaker designed for dedicated screening rooms.   Position 1 : On-wall and On-ceiling   Position 2 : In-wall and In-ceiling

Prestige Facet 6ATM


The PF6ATM compact speaker was specifically designed to be placed atop a floorstanding speaker. Facing the ceiling, it reproduces surround effects present in the Dolby Atmos audio tracks offered by new Blu-ray movies. It adds a vertical dimension to the sound of a traditional 5.1 system to offer the viewer more realism and greater immersion.

Prestige Facet 7SR


The PF7SR surround sound speaker is designed to reproduce surround effects as part of a home cinema installation. Equipped with drivers oriented toward different points in the room, this speaker is necessary to reproduce all the atmospheric surround sound effects of films, TV series and concerts.